THE DAILY BLADE: Boobs And Brains Not Mutually Exclusive


Upon learning that Monica Lewinsky, 33, graduated from the prestigious London School of Economics with master of science degree in social psychology, Washington Post staff writer Libby Copeland was jolted down to the DNA in her bone marrow:  She did not!!


The notion that “the same bubbly gal who once described the act of flashing her thong at the president as a ‘small, subtle, flirtatious gesture’ has now written a lofty-sounding thesis … ‘In Search of the Impartial Juror: An Exploration of the Third Person Effect and Pre-Trial Publicity’” was, Copeland wrote, “akin to finding a rip in the time-space continuum, or discovering that Kim Jong Il is a natural blond.”


No argument from The Stiletto so far. But calling this a moment that makes you “question your fundamental assumptions about the world” Copeland advances her thesis that the world is full of “dumb-but-smart” people by resorting to a fundamental assumption – read, gender-bashing stereotype - that is as unfair as it is untrue:  “stupidity has historically been as much of an asset for women as double D's.”


The Stiletto understands that women who have teeny breasts are comforted by the fanciful notion that curvy women have teeny brains – but she takes umbrage at “boob bashing” nonetheless. On behalf of bosomy-and-brainy women everywhere, The Stiletto will use this blog to launch a crusade against “boobism” – the last remaining acceptable form of anti-woman bias. Even though the most brazen boobists are other women, this flat-out stereotype must still be repudiated once and for all.    



According to King George III, Americans Are Illegal Immigrants


In an Op-Ed piece in today’s New York Times, journalist-cum-historian William Hogeland contends that the Alleghenies and the upper Ohio Valley were settled by “illegal pioneers” who flouted a decree by King George III forbidding settlers to claim any land west of a border from Maine to Georgia that ran along the Appalachians. Writes the author of “The Whiskey Rebellion”:


Parallels to today’s illegal immigration are striking. Then as now, it was potentially deadly to bring a family across the line. But once across, illegals had a good chance of avoiding arrest and settling in. Border patrols, in the forms of the British Army and provincial militias, were stretched thin. The 18th-century forest primeval, like a modern city, offered ample opportunities for getting lost. Complex economies thrived in the virgin backwoods, unfettered by legitimate property titles.


Hogeland concludes: “Those of us whose ancestors risked everything as illegal immigrants, and in the process helped found a nation, owe our forebears a debt of gratitude, too. Without their daring disregard of immigration laws, we might not be here today.”


The Stiletto’s parents are legal immigrants to the United States, who waited “their turn” to move here. It’s a particular source of pride to The Stiletto that they complied with all laws and requirements imposed upon them to enter this country at its express invitation.


The Stiletto is fervently pro-immigration - and equally anti-illegal immigration - so Hogeland and his illegal ilk can just go back to England, or wherever it is that they came from, as far as she is concerned.  


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  • February 22, 2007 The Stiletto wrote:
    The Stiletto's readers know of her crusade against boobism – the last acceptable form of anti-woman bias (“Boobs And Brains Not Mutually Exclusive,” The Daily Blade, December 27, 2006). Well, here’s another example of this ignorant, ugly stereotype. On a 31-19 roll call vote, the AZ state House on Thursday rejected a Dem amendment to a bill proposing to change the height requirement for rear fender mudflaps on trucks that would have banned those with images that are "obscene or hateful," such as silhouettes of voluptuous naked women. ...
  • April 22, 2007 The Stiletto wrote:
    By The Heel A young male student, seething with rage, storms into a classroom at the engineering school he attends, brandishing a weapon. He barricades the door, orders his classmates to line up against the wall, then methodically mows them down one by one. Before the police can arrive to rescue his hapless victims, the madman succeeds in shooting dozens of defenseless innocents, a good number of them fatally, before turning the gun on himself. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 2007? No, École Polytechnique de Montreal, 1989. Although the Montreal Massacre remains obscure to most Americans, ...
  • May 15, 2007 The Stiletto wrote:
    One of The Stiletto’s friends, who appreciates curvy women (he is usually in the company of a bodaceous babe when he attends conservative functions around New York City) and enthusiastically supports her crusade against boobism, gave her a copy of the recently-published book, "Stacked: A 32DDD Reports From The Front," by journalist and children’s book author, Susan Seligson. At a 38D (DD, in a push-up or demi-cup bra) herself, The Stiletto found much in common with her even more voluptuous sister: From page 2: "I can’t recall ever having small breasts. I remember having no breasts, but ...
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