NOT THE SHARPEST KNIFE IN THE DRAWER: Prince Philip Proves He’s Not Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

When Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Goddard Space Flight Center, they dropped in on mission control to listen to an exchange between British-born NASA astronaut C. Michael Foale and the three astronauts aboard the international space station, and later toured an exhibit with British astronaut Piers Sellers, who explained how a spacesuit's life-support system operates. The Washington Post reports that Prince Philip inquired, "What do you do about natural functions?" and "the astronaut gave a discreet answer." Not only this is the most unoriginal question the Prince could have thought to ask, but it is rather rude as well. No one asks him or his wife about their bodily functions, so why does he think this is a proper question to ask someone else? Instead of sending a platoon of protocol advisers to our shores to teach us bumpkins how to behave, the advisors would have done better to concern themselves with how the Royal Consort – who is clearly the product of inbreeding – behaved.


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