THE DAILY BLADE: The Backlash Against The New Yorker Backlash


The MSM brain freeze caused by that infamous New Yorker cover cartoon has finally thawed and the humorless prigs who are in the tank for Barack Obama realized that it doesn’t look good when journalists denounce other journalists for exercising their free speech rights.


The Obama campaign also belatedly realized its reaction to the broad satire was “really dumb damage control,” writes Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times:


It was a huge PR mistake by a campaign that doesn't make many. The denunciations by both presidential campaigns accomplished one thing: They pushed a simple cartoon to the top of most-searched terms online and the top of the news lists of countless online sites, commentators, cable news shows, commentators and network TV newscasts for more than two days. No doubt it also helped the bottom line, boosting New Yorker single-copy sales this week. …


But as a result of the campaign-induced uproar, that image has now been reproduced and received countless millions more voter impressions than the magazine itself could ever dream of. It's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times already just on this blog. And, by the way, what was the Obama campaign doing calling the magazine, trying to get an apology, or intimidate someone?


Instead of worrying that the cartoon included “every detail that the Obama campaign would like the world not to think about or associate with its guy,” as Malcolm puts it, Obama should have worried that his thin-skinned reaction will reinforce the uneasiness some voters feel that he isn’t tough enough to be Commander-in-Chief. And the punditocracy should have worried that their dissing “average” Americans as being too unsophisticated to understand that the cartoon was a send-up can only solidify the perception other voters have that Obama is an arugula-munching elitist who does not understand the concerns of workaday folk.


No doubt there is some percentage of the electorate for whom the New Yorker cartoon is a portrait not a spoof, but if Obama doesn’t “close the sale” with those who still need to be convinced to vote for him it will be because they think he is a snobby wuss.


Editorial Note: An interview Maureen Dowd did with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert a couple of years ago puts the lie to the myth that there’s nothing about Obama a comedian can lampoon:


“It seems like a President Obama would be harder to make fun of than these guys,” I said.


“Are you kidding me?” Stewart scoffed.


Then he and Colbert both said at the same time: “His dad was a goat-herder!”


When I noted that Obama, in his memoir, had revealed that he had done some pot, booze and “maybe a little blow,” the two comedians began riffing about the dapper senator’s familiarity with drug slang.


Colbert: Wow, that’s a very street way of putting it. ‘A little blow.’


Stewart: A little bit of the white rabbit.


Colbert: ‘Yeah, I packed a cocktail straw of cocaine and had a prostitute blow it in my ear, but that is all I did. High-fivin.’ ’



Hard-Core Interrogation


Nathan Whitling and Dennis Edney, who are representing Omar Khadr, a 16-year old Canadian being held at Guantánamo Bay, released 10-minutes of snippets from videotaped interrogations by Canadian Security Intelligence Services agents “with hopes that public reaction to the footage will prompt Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to lobby for his repatriation” reports The New York Times. “The video was made public under Canadian court orders … after intelligence reports made public last week showed Khadr was abused in detention at the U.S. naval base.” 

Abused? Puhleeze! The Stiletto has watched more brutal questioning on “Homicide: Life on the Street.”


Meanwhile, Khadr’s fellow detainee former Usama bin Laden bodyguard/driver Salim Ahmed Hamdan testified about the rough treatment he was subjected to by a female interrogator during questioning by his attorney, Charles Swift, during a pretrial hearing before a military court:


Hamdan: [She] came close to me, she came very close, with her whole body towards me.


Swift: Did she touch your thigh?


Hamdan: Yes ... I said to her 'what do you want?’ She said, ‘I want you to answer all of my questions.’


Hamdan gave her what she wanted, and the two of them smoked a cigarette afterward. Just kidding. But doesn’t that “interrogation” sound like an amateur porn video?


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